Money can be sent to the Twitter-Facebook!

1413220706420This is why quite a lot of time and toil to send money to anyone. To the bank, to deposit checks, it is not clear that the money account. Again if you are a customer of another bank to deposit it in a bank branch in peril. After his partner ever rayeiche day problems. Today, fewer staff, the servers down tomorrow. Many of those who are not accustomed to digital byankiye do not care at all. But those who are accustomed to the digital banking service, for them there is a good news. Money can be sent via Twitter, Facebook, at times.

France’s second largest banking group recently made ​​a deal with Twitter bipisii. The Bank of France due to the customer via his Twitter tweets Friend list can send money to any person. Borrowers for a bank customer, he did end all is secondary.

Not just Twitter, Apple and Facebook are starting to try to send and receive money from long ago. This has the same deal Japan sahge rakutena Banks Facebook, through which any person to be a Facebook user to his Friend list can send money through Facebook.

Has recently published, the number of Twitter users across the world have been reduced to almost 17 ​​sakansa. Nearly 35 percent of the increase in the number of Facebook users. As a result, the user’s effort to increase the number of errors is not helping Twitter. Already ‘Twitter mania’ has launched a service called. Through which the desired accessories you can buy from the dealer than hajaratirao byabaharakarira-Times