Justin Bieber Sings Hits & Raps With Tyga During Surprise Performance

justin bebarHow would you like to accept Justin Bieber blast your Saturday night party? That’s absolutely what the 21-year-old accompanist did at 1 OAK in Los Angeles on Jan. 30, hasty clubgoers with a achievement of his some of his better hits. He even brought Tyga forth for the excitement, rapping with him to abutting out the night — allocution about amazing!

Perched aloft the DJ berth in the average of the club, Justin danced and sang to his hits “Sorry,” “Where Are U Now,” and “What Do You Mean?,” absolutely amping anybody up. In the average of his appearance, Justin asked the crowd, “How abounding humans anticipation that you would like Justin Bieber?” Clearly The Biebs anticipation he won the accomplished abode over by giving them a abruptness show!