Dabangg Style being suspended two constables

1413227118420Two constables were suspended on Saturday night in Agra, India, because they came to the police station on duty during a dress like Bollywood heroes. According to a report published in an English newspaper, one of the two eyes, dark-colored sun glasses and the constable who was on duty in addition to tight pants.

Inspector General of police surveillance in the city of Agra calachilena day suddenly Sunil Kumar Gupta. He sees, Agra tourist police constables and bhupendara Manish Singh solanki as a duty that is strange. Besides, the hat on their head and what was not yours.

It is the part of the formula was known, the two police kanastebalai responsible enough about their duty. Even if the police have to comply with certain regulations, and one of dresakoda, claim senior police officers. Eye sun glasses or wearing ultra tight black dress pants, the police could not bear. Each police station has also instructed inacarjake all police officers under their dress they were seeing correctly.

Suddenly, during a visit Saturday 33 police constables have been asked to meet with the SSP, 4 people have been left with a warning and 14 for men to turn in the proper clothing is appreciated.