Biemadablura staying showcasing highway bikes

bmw-byke-150x150The market-maker companies in Germany famous caracaka bringing two new motor bikes. Tuesday was intaramotote baikadutira exhibition. The company will market the two new cars. Brand new baikadutira name and the 1200 and 1200 R and R 1200 R esabiemadablu remaining liquid thakache kulada car engine, being anti-locking brakes, Automatic Stability Control.

BMW will have the same features of the electronics are in the suspension of the 1200 RS garititeotabe Pro riding mode and Dynamic Control of these two additional features trakasa car models are in the body of the second. But you have to pay extra for ephicaragulira. It was still the price of the car from the company. However, it is too soon to say whether the company official said. Very recently, these cars are getting. If you no longer will have to wait a few months to get them aphanake